Previously completed projects



Experience the real job

After a complete refit at Shipyard Rotterdam, the KRVE 17 has been commissioned. The first few weeks it was rented out to the RET. After that we have been using the KRVE 17 as a party ship for our relations, considering the many applications we have received from our relations who want to show their clients the many operations that take place in the port of Rotterdam. E.g. the job of the boatmen in the harbour.

Tailored rentals

There is a new brochure to promote the rental of the KRVE 17. In cooperation with our caterer, Guido van Wolven, we can offer customized programmes to our relations. This seems to be a great success, as the demand for such a programma is growing rapidly.



For the “Nederlands Loodswezen” we have modified the bow. Because of this new bow the vessel becomes faster and uses less fuel.

Tender Mercury pilotage

For the “Nederlands Loodswezen” we have repaired the damage on the bow. The tender has now been sold and will be painted in the colours of the new owner.

NEN standard

At Shipyard Rotterdam we are built the fourth launch for the boatmen in Amsterdam. It was the first launch built according to the NEN-standard. Besides, several minor adjustments will be executed according to the customer’s requirements. E.g. the boatmen in Amsterdam do not use a hydraulic clamp, but a mechanical rope clamp.